Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How To: Tascam Audio Recorders

How To: Tascam DR-1 Audio Recorder

You will need an SD memory card to record audio onto. This recorder can take 64MB-2GB or 4GB-32GB SDHC cards. The other audio recorders require a 2GB or smaller, so if you aren’t sure which recorder you will be able to get out of the equipment depot, buy the 2GB card to be safe.

1.Insert the SD card on the side of the deck.
2.Make sure battery is charged. If not, charge via USB into your computer (or buy a charger).
3.Plug in headphones (adjust volume on side “output volume +/-”.
4.Plug in external microphone (internal mic causes too much distracting handling noise). We will use the Mic 2 input on the bottom side of the deck. (You can also plug into the top with a smaller mic cord – and adjust to mic 1 input, but we will not be using that option).
5.Power ON, on left hand side. Keep pressing until screen lights up.
6.Let the deck know what mic source you are using: the large black wheel shuttles between mic 1 and 2 and Line. We will use MIC 2 external, (unless you are at a press conference or great debate using a mult box, and then it is LINE in).
7.Check the levels before recording: Hit record/pause and red light will blink. There is an “input” volume control wheel on the right side of the deck, running from 0-10. There is not “right” level, it depends on the environment and the effect you want to create. For a typical interview, adjust so that audio levels L/R are going about half way across the display screen. If they are peaking, the “peak” red light will flash. You want to avoid peaking at all costs because that audio will be distorted and useless. Better to err on the side of low levels that can be boosted later in post production.
8.To begin recording, once you have the levels you want, hit RECORD again and light will stay red and counter will start counting.
9.To PAUSE, hit REC/Pause. To Stop, hit Stop/Home
10.To Delete a file: Menu/Browse/Delete and hit the play arrow button on the big black wheel.
11.To Playback: hit the play arrow button on the big black wheel. PB control can alter the speed of playback.

When you are finished recording, you will turn deck off, then remove SD card and insert card into card reader to import into computer for editing.

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