Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Job Descriptions For Radio Newsroom


Producer – Week before class: Will communicate with host, field reporters and commentators to find out what stories they are pursuing the week before, and/or assign stories for them to do. Producer will edit all copy done by field reporters and commentators.
Day of Show: Listens to a variety of radio and TV throughout the day to know what tape is available. Reads the papers, BU Today, Free Press and arrives in classroom at 8:30 a.m., checks AP search: DAYBOOK for local events, AP feed for national tape, and posts a rundown in the computer and/or on the blackboard. Rundown will indicate what stories will be covered, who will report them, who will write them, how long they will be, and the source of what tape will be in each story. Producer will assign times to each story. Producer will constantly check wires to make sure we are not missing any breaking news or changes in stories. Should get TV turned on to to CNN. Producer will also DIRECT show - know what goes where /when/ how. Keeps track of time, cues newscaster and engineer. You are responsible for the sound of the show and if it holds together well.

Pre-produced Field Reporter (s) – Work with show producer on story assignment. Produce a one minute piece with two actualities on an item that will not be dated by class time. The piece must be mixed and ready to go BEFORE you arrive in class. Failure to have story mixed by 9 a.m. = a full grade down on that assignment.

Spot Reporter (s) Should come to class prepared with audio recorder, bateries, SD card and SEVERAL story ideas that you could cover that day. Ultimately it is up to the show producer to assign you to whatever story he or she wants you to cover. Producer will tell you whether to file voicer, wrap, Q&A or just actuality. Be prepared to go out in snow, rain or other man made or natural disaster!!!

Newscaster - In the week BEFORE the show, he or she should produce a two minute Q&A with a newsmaker or interesting person and have it ready to air by 9a.m. day of show.
Newscaster will be up to date on the stories he/she might be called upon
to read. Will write stories. Must obtain correct pronunciation for any words/names they
will read. Will mark scripts for emphasis, will time scripts. Will rehearse aloud and will
edit for readability. Will write accordion page to be read into post and know how
long each line is in order to collapse copy..

Writer - You will write news stories that are assigned by producer,
including tape if assigned by the producer and keeping to the precise time assigned by producer. Will make sure copy is readable for newscaster and that difficult words are spelled out phonetically. YOU SHOULD TRY TO GET TAPE FOR ALL STORIES. Get on the phone EARLY AND OFTEN in order to insure a clip of tape before showtime!

Engineer.. You will check all stuio equipment and microphones LONG BEFORE air time to make sure everything is in working order. You will make sure field reports are CUED and ready to go; will be familiar with CHANGES AND SLUGS on show format and run the board for the live newscast. You will pull actualities from feed sources (AP) and mix reports produced by spot reporters. YOU MUST RECORD CLASS NEWSCAST.
Commentator. Will write a 1:00 opinion essay, ending with “...and that’s my opinion” on a topic of interest to our BU audience. These should be controversial issues in the news, not just how irritating gum chewing or flip flops are (both of which were done last year). Commentary should be backed up with real facts and figures to bolster your opinion

Sports. The week before, he or she should produce a sports related story to include in the sportscast, profiling a team, athlete, event. Will write and deliver sportscast. Will work with producerto find actualities to include in sportscast.


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