Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How To: Zoom H2 "lollipop" recorder

ZOOM H2 “Lollipop” Style Audio Recorder

1. Insert 2 AA batteries into back of recorder
2. Insert SD card (same as used in digital cameras) 2gb or smaller into bottom of recorder. If SD card needs formatting, see page 60 of larger manual in kit).
3. Attach “lollipop” stick to bottom of recorder (if you don’t attach the stick you might get distracting mic handling noises).
4. Turn recorder on (left side, POWER)
5. Determine which micrphone/audio source you want to use: (use back and forth arrows next to MENU key to select which mic you want. A red light indicates which mic is selected.
REAR – for ambient sound
BOTH – 2CH for a musical performance or a back and forth interview where you want BOTH YOUR voice and the INTERVIEWEES voice on the recording.
Or EXTERNAL – plug mic into “EXT MIC IN” jack on right of recorder.
Or LINE – if you are at a press conference with a multbox, or house feed, you plug into the “LINE IN” jack on the right of recorder.
(if recording outside in windy location, attach foam windscreen, and use your body to shield against the main force of the wind).

6. Getting good quality: The “MIC GAIN” switch on the right of the recorder can be set to low, medium or high, depending on the situation. [I think medium is best for most recordings we will do, interviews in reasonably quiet locations] Hit the RECORD red button ONCE and do a MIC CHECK. You want the levels meter bars to reach about half way across the screen.

You can make minor adjustments in levels within those low/medium/high settings: Hit RECORD button once, do a mic check and hit the fast forward and rewind keys (located above the “REC LEVEL +/- markers) until you get the levels you want.

WARNING: IF THE “MIC ACTIVE” red light is flashing, your audio will be DISTORTED and unusable. Turn the mic gain down to medium or low, adjust levels downward, and back away from audio source (really loud music, screaming fans at sporting event, loud machinery) until you get usable levels.

7. RECORDING MODE: Hit the MENU button. Press ff arrow until you hit REC MODE. Hit red RECORD button. Press ff until you hit the mode you want.
MP3 OR WAV. Either is fine. The optional bit rate would be 48khz for wav, or 128k for mp3.

8. START RECORDING: Hit the red button once, adjust levels, and hit it a SECOND time to start recording. If timer/counter is moving you are recording.

9. Hit RECORD red button a THIRD time to STOP recording.

10. Playback: hit the play/pause button at the bottom. You can adjust volume of playback on the left side of the recorder.

The longer manual which should be in most of the kits has much more detail on file labeling, dating and other ways to organize your material, as well as other more sophisticated functions.

The audio lab has card readers, but if you are working at home, you can use the recorder as a card reader and your kit should come with a cable to connect recorder to your computer for editing.

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